Snarky Sue: My Neighbor Stole My Sitter


Dear Snarky Sue:

I don’t know what to do. Our babysitter of five years, to whom my children are attached and who’s basically the glue holding life together in this house, didn’t show up for work last Monday. We have treated her as a member of the family, been generous and, we think, respectful and kind. We tried calling but couldn’t reach her.

The next day, we found her keys to the house in an envelope in the mailbox. Finally I was able to reach her. She told me that she had accepted a job with my next door neighbor!

My neighbor (who I don’t know well- we both work full time) never contacted me first and obviously, their discussions took place behind my back. The kids are confused and my life is turned upside down. I am so stressed that I got into a verbal altercation with her this morning when walking my dogs.

What should I do?

Sitterless in Sound Shore


Dear SSS:

You should move on and direct this energy into finding another caregiver. What your neighbor did was reprehensible, they both should have talked to you first, and the sitter should have given notice. But please remember that that people that “hold life together” for many of us have lives too and are under no obligation to work for you forever.

Consider five years a good run, move on, don’t yell at people in the street, and if she really is the next door neighbor, keep your doors locked.


Snarky Sue is a Registered Life Coach, obviously writing under a pseudonym, who lives in Larchmont.  If you have an issue you would like her to consider, please contact her at


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