Skim Scam Hits Larchmont Citibank


Larchmont Citibank this morning

A Loop reader writes in:

Skimming has hit Larchmont. I was a victim from the Palmer Citibank, for $3800. The LPD said several reports came in before mine. While the Citibank folks at the branch were empathetic (one woman brought me to the machine and explained how skimming worked), the “investigators” at the bank are impossible to reach. The fraud dept tells me that they will take “up to 45 days” to “decide” whether they will restore the money. Maddening.


You will recall it was the Citibank in Rye that was hit last. We are in touch with the Larchmont Police and will report back if we can add more information.

4 thoughts on “Skim Scam Hits Larchmont Citibank

  1. I work for Citi and read this and wanted to let the writer know that we will protect them, and all Citi Customers from fraud. We spend extensive resources combating this and we absolutely hate seeing this happen to anyone, whether at our bank or others. I am pleased that you have also reported this to police. They are such an important partner in combating these costs on society.

    It was also good to see that ‘D’ had the appropriate experience. We work hard to identify these situation very quickly and make our Customer whole as soon as possible.

    If you do need any assistance, please let me know.

    Frank Eliason

  2. Is there a particular reason why every bank ATM doesn’t have 24 hour video survailance??

    It’s ridiculous to me that this kind of activity continues to this day.

  3. I was a victim of this fraud in multiple accounts. Citibank did contact me right away and although they seem to be having some issues with under crediting and then over crediting my account they started adding the funds back within 48hrs of the initial fraud, so I think 45 days is just their way of setting expectations.

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