Should Food Carts Be Banned in Westchester?


This food truck in Mt. Vernon actually replaced the shuttered restaurant, below, where it is parked.

MOUNT VERNON, MAMARONECK, PORT CHESTER — We love our street food. But not every town does. Port Chester and Mount Vernon, home to lots of food vendors, are considering very strict regs.

In Port Chester, Abendroth Avenue and Don Bosco Place and the parking lots on Highland Street and Marvin Place would be off limits.

Mount Vernon is also looking at new regulations after hearing complaints from restaurants and shopkeepers.

Restaurants owners say they have to pay taxes and rent, while in Port Chester, for example, vendors pay only a $450 annual fee.

Mamaroneck's Johnson Truck

Wonder what happened to this post yesterday? Uh, I clicked something I wasn’t supposed to, and the site went down, and this was one of the stories that was lost. Sorry about that.

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