Senior Prank? Or Violation with Punishment?


MAMARONECK– It’s a case of  “They said, They said…” in today’s annual Mamaroneck High School Senior prank:

The Seniors:

Frustrated by a lack of parking this year due to field construction and other issues, a group of Seniors met this morning and drove in a convoy to the school, parked, and dispersed, blocking as many staff parking spots as they could.

A parent email came to theLoop early this morning, saying,”The senior class prank of parking in the teachers’ parking spaces has sent the staff and administration into a meltdown, threatening students and parents alike. They claim that the students parked their cars illegally but they have just parked in the teachers’ spots. This sort of bully behavior is an outrage. It’s just a little harmless fun by a very smart group of kids. I vote we support our kids.”

The police were called, tickets issued, and one student emailed us, “We all now have court dates!”  He added, “And the teachers were screaming at us!”

The Staff:

“Where are we supposed to park to get to work on time?” said one frustrated teacher. (Though incoming Principal Liz Clain, a teacher at the school, reportedly saw the prank, laughed and parked across the street.)  Police were called so that the school day would begin on time, and the following message was sent to parents and students at 7:39 am:

From: MamaroneckPublicSchools@K12Alerts
Please Note:  Cars parked illegally in the front lot at Mamaroneck High School will be ticketed and towed.  They will begin doing so within the next half hour, so please remove your car immediately if it is parked illegally.

Were the kids just having a little fun? Or did the Staff respond appropriately? Tell us what you think:

photos: Bryce Loebel

6 thoughts on “Senior Prank? Or Violation with Punishment?

  1. Come on, it was a harmless joke. Everyone knew from the beginning that was all it was.

    They didn’t damage anything and they moved the cars when asked. Calling the police was way out of line.

    I remember school pranks when I was in school that were out of line. This was just funny.

    The school and the police totally over reacted.

  2. I’ll throw in a few comments.

    1. Why did the police imagine they had jurisdiction? It’s not the public highway. It’s a *private* parking on lot on private property. Just like the parking lot at an office building, or indeed my driveway. So they can be booted or towed by a private firm, but how can they be ticketed by cops? The PD don’t get to tell me where I can park on my own driveway. I think those tickets are toilet paper.

    2. It seems a singularly dumb thing to do, blocking parking spaces for those who need them to work. I don’t have much sympathy there. So:

    3. If I park in my bosses space at work I could except some disciplinary sanction. Hell, I might even get fired. But not ticketed.

    4. What is it with the cars anyway? I never in my life drove to school, and I don’t know anyone who did. We walked or cycled when I was a kid. Maybe sometime took a bus. None of us could afford a car!


  3. this is embarrassing for the school. they called the police in and let them stay in the parking lot for over an hour. several students received court tickets for hundreds of dollars for things like having their car alarms go off and driving (moving their cars from illegal to legal spots, mind you) without a seatbelt on. the cops were on a power trip. and the administration just sat back and watched. not once did they try to actually communicate with the students. when mr goetz was approached, he walked back inside.

    as far as senior pranks go, this one was pretty harmless. no long term effects at all. why were the police called? just one time, the teachers had to park on the post road and the surrounding area like the students have had to do every day all year. is it really that big a deal that it’s worth it for some students now have fines over 400 dollars?

  4. agree, why call the cops? plus once they got there they issued a blizzard of tickets…which will only tie up the courts & engender ill will.

  5. I am pretty sure everyone knew it was Senior Prank Day.
    What ever happened to a Sense of Humor. Shame on whoever called the police, then scaled up the mass confusion.

  6. I assume the answer is both ? Despite the willingness to criminalize everything, I cannot see danger to life or limb, hate crime or anything more in this than…..senior prank and violation.

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