School Lice Checks Exterminated


Parents now have to get to know these pesky creatures

Long the bane of many parents, class lice checks and Healthy Hair Committees are now a thing of the past in Mamaroneck District elementary schools.

Following state and school nurse association recommendations, the district is turning over lice control to families, meaning household heads now have to be on the prowl for those pesky critters rather than Class Reps. Teachers will stay on alert as well.

“Research shows that mass screenings do not diminish the number of incidents,” says Mamaroneck School District spokeswoman Debbie Manetta.  “Rather, our goal is to help educate parents and provide support in detecting and treating lice cases.”

Mamaroneck was one of the last area school districts to still have lice checks, she says.

Parents or caretakers are encouraged to ask their school nurse for help if needed. Lice prevention information also is available on the school district website. Commercial “nitpickers” and special products are available as well.

Photo by Gilles San Martin

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