Scarsdale Undercover: Jan. 24-31


While theLoop digs Scarsdale – and detests any kind of crime with equal fervor – we can’t help but notice as we scour the village’s police blotter each week that Scarsdale’s Finest are frequently called upon to do a whole lot more than catch Bad Guys.

In  Scarsdale Undercover, we’ll share some of the more…unusual police actvity on the beat in Scarsdale. The real crimes will continue to appear in our weekly Police Blotter.

Scarsdale's Finest


A Sheldrake Road resident called police Jan. 30 when she spotted two photographers near her front lawn. The picture-taking pair were on assignment from the New York Daily News, and wanted to ask the homeowner about a previous incident. The duo left when the resident asked them to, though photos of the house could pop up anyway. Pictures of houses are OK as long as photographers are not on private property when they snap them, police say.


Officers were called out for complaints of high volumes and possibly hazardous levels of traffic at two different locations on Jan. 24 and at a third locale Jan. 25. These turned out to be school dismissals.


On Jan. 24, police were called due to “loose” dogs in a Vernon Lane backyard  barking incessantly. Officers dutifully canvassed the block numerous times without hearing a peep from the critters.

A concerned resident called police to Brown Road on Jan. 30, worried that the dogs in a parked car with Connecticut plates could have been stuck in there for a couple of days.  Officers who chatted with the owner of the car found the pooches had been in there for 15 minutes.


Police were called to Oak Lane on Jan. 25 when a resident reported “an older Corolla” parked at the dead end of her street. Despite driving a 15-year-old Toyota, the owner was  just taking measurements inside the home where he was working.

Officers sprang into action on Jan. 26 when they received a call about unusually heavy congestion near the intersection of Post and Heathcote Roads. There was a major snowstorm in the works.


Police hit Brite Avenue Jan. 27 after a resident reported a African-American man in a red blanket or wrap “suspiciously” going door-to-door. Turns out the man was trying to drum up some  work shoveling driveways.


Police received just two coyote sighting calls this week, a relatively low number. One reported a coyote wandering Fenway Golf Club on Jan. 24, though that call apparently did not come from anyone at Fenway itself.  The other call rang in on Jan. 30 from a resident reporting an animal near Windward Lane and Stratton Road.

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