Scarsdale Undercover


In Scarsdale Undercover, we share some of the more…unnecessary…police activity that seems to occur only in Scarsdale, New York. The “real” crimes will continue to appear in our weekly Police Blotter.

The owner of a barbershop reported a domesticated bird entering his store and not leaving. The man eventually brought the bird to a local nature center. Oct. 15.

A Cushman Road resident reported a blue vehicle circling the area slowly, acting suspiciously. Police didn’t find any such thing. Oct. 15.

A caller reported a female hitchhiker, wearing a yellow blazer and jeans, near Heathcote Road and Weaver Street. Police didn’t find her. Oct. 15.

A Rectory Lane resident reported a car on her front lawn, and she didn’t know why or how it got there. Turns out the car belonged to a pharmacy delivery person who misjudged the entrance to the driveway and got stuck. A mechanic helped remove the car. Oct. 14.

A Richbell Road resident reported that someone rang he doorbell twice but no one was there. Turns out a friend of the homeowner’s child left candy at the door. Oct. 14.

A Gatehouse Road resident reported two suspicious vehicles parked in front of her house several times during the week.  The cars belonged to men doing brick work across the street. Oct. 10.


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