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In Scarsdale Undercover, we share some of the more…unnecessary…police activity that seems to occur only in Scarsdale, New York. The “real” crimes will continue to appear in our weekly Police Blotter.

A Dolma Road resident reported an “ongoing issue” with a suspicious silver BMW with tinted windows parked on the street.  The man operating the car was a driver for an area resident who had parked his car on Dolma to kill time before work. Oct. 3.

A woman reported her 2-year-old grandson missing from his nursery school when she arrived to get him.  The boy’s father had picked the child up earlier but forgot to tell his mother. Oct. 4.

A caller reported four bags on the side of the road that “appear to have some sort of vapor” coming from them. The bags of yard waste were wet and letting off steam. Oct. 6.

A local resident reported a van parked on the street all week.  The car was not breaking any parking rules. Oct. 7.

A man reported his car missing from the Train Station after he parked it there more than five hours earlier.  Turns out a relative was using the car.  Oct. 7.

A Ridgedale Road resident reported an SUV parked in front of his house, with the driver honking his horn for a fairly long time before throwing a plastic cup on the individual’s lawn. Police couldn’t find the car or driver. Oct. 9.

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