Scarsdale Undercover: 1/31-2/6


In Scarsdale Undercover, we share some of the more…unusual…police activity on the beat in Scarsdale.  The “real” crimes will continue to appear in our weekly Police Blotter.


On Feb. 3, police received call about a man stuck in his car with the doors locked after the car battery went dead. Officers suggested the man unlock the doors by hand and get out.  He did.


Police hit Scarsdale High School Jan. 31 after receiving a report of a pedestrian being trapped in the snow on Butler Field.  Neither officers nor a High School employee saw anything of the sort.


Police made three separate trips to the Shaarei Tikvah parking lot on Jan. 31 due to a daylong dispute over tree removal. Police received the first call on the issue around 10 a.m., when the foreman of a tree removal company reported a man taking pictures of him and his crew as they started removing the white birch trees from the temple’s parking lot.  The man was gone by the time officers arrived.

Police were back on the scene, however, about 45 minutes later — this time because the man, who was “clearly upset,” called them in hopes of bringing the tree work to a halt.  The man, a Shaarei Tikvah neighbor, asked “that patrol document that the tops of the trees were green,” but had little recourse once the foreman produced the paperwork authorizing the job.

That, however, didn’t put the issue to rest. Police were called for a third time at around 3:45, when the workers called to say the man was bothering them again. This time, the engineering department employee who OK’d the tree removal in the first place came out, too, reiterating his approval of the job. Police advised the resident to stop interfering, to which he apparently agreed.


A Herkimer Road resident on Feb. 4 reported a car parked in front of his home for about an hour with a number of people going in and out of out. Police did find the car parked where the resident said it was, but it was parked legally – and empty.


A Fairview Road resident reported noise from a large party near Park Road Feb. 4. Parents were picking up their kids from a 13-year-old’s birthday bash, which had ended by the time officers arrived there.

On Feb. 5, it was a dog, reportedly barking for 20 minutes, who got officers out near the 100 block of Sprague Road. The pooch was quiet by the time police appeared.



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