Rye YMCA to Fund After School MHS RADAR Program


Maria Stanton, Janet Buchbinder, Nick Cucchiarella and Lou Caratelli of RADAR


Good news sent from the Rye YMCA. The first Cafe Thursday event will be Oct. 20.

Members of RADAR’s (Responsible Action, a Drug and Alcohol Resource) Café Thursday Planning committee have learned their monthly after school program for Mamaroneck High School  students would receive grant funding for the 2011-12 school year.

$4000 in funding is being provided by the Rye YMCA as part of their United Way supported Healthier Communities Initiative.

Café Thursday is held monthly at the school and features music, dancing, healthy snacks, and other special activities all designed to provide Mamaroneck High students with additional social and recreational activities after school.

Maria Stanton, a Board Member of both RADAR and the Rye Y is particularly pleased in the partnership formed between the two youth serving organizations:  “I’m thrilled that the YMCA and RADAR are both involved in Café Thursday and that our teens have a safe, fun place to go after school each month.  Nick, Helene, and Janet have done a great job in creating this program.”


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