Rye Rejects $20 Million School Bond



Rye residents said no to a $20 million school bond Tuesday by a vote of 1,777 to 1,471; this would have built new wing of science labs for the high school and renovated locker rooms, guidance offices and other areas.

School board President Laura Slack read this statement after the results came in:

Although the Board of Education is disappointed by the results of our bond vote, our space challenges have not changed. The fact remains the middle school and high school buildings are already over capacity, and the enrollment projections indicate this will continue to be the case in future years. And our science labs from the 1960s and ‘70s are another critical area of concern. It is troubling that in a community like ours, a well funded campaign of consistent disinformation, distortions and fabrications was used to undermine our schools….

The night before, according to an email from the School Board,” a local group that has no affiliation with the District made automated phone calls to community residents. These calls presented misstated information about the bond, largely inflating costs and implying that the bond will raise taxes 25% over five years. This is untrue.”

The anti-tax vote prevailed.

photo: Jacqueline Silberberg

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