Rye Police Capture Suspect after Chase



The police chase in Rye yesterday that caused three schools to be temporarily locked down, ended with the arrest of a suspect near Playland last night.

It started at 12:27 pm, say State Police, when a State Trooper driving north on I-95 near exit 19 spotted a  man speeding in a 2011 Dodge.

The driver, with a female passenger, was reportedly going too fast and changing lanes without signalling. When the trooper turned on his sirens, the driver revved it up and escaped off Exit 20 in Rye. The Trooper then lost sight of him, according to State Police Sgt. John Antinelli.

Rye City police set up a perimeter, and began chasing the suspect on local streets.

Antinelli says the trooper later spotted the car in a driveway on Oakland Beach Ave. The passenger, “an unwilling participant,” was still in the car. It was then that school officials decided on the temporary lock down, because Rye police believed he was running in the direction of the schools.

At 6:00 pm, Rye police received a call about an individual in a wooded area on Forest Avenue near Playland Market. Rye Police arrested 31 year old Julian Brown who had five outstanding New York City warrants on assault and drug charges.

Brown was charged with unlawful fleeing and traffic offenses and handed over to the New York City Police.


photo: Wikimedia commons

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