Rye Neck Schools: Budget Saves Programs


Dr. Peter Mustich, Rye Neck Superintendent of Schools, provided a detailed publicpresentation of the district’s anticipated budget for 2011/12 at a special Board meeting on Wednesday morning.

A hearing on the proposed budget will take place on April 6th, and the Board will adopt the final proposed budget after a second hearing on April 27th.  Voting on the school budget will take place on May 17th from 7 am – 9 pm at the MS/HS Library.

“Our budget for next year represents a continued commitment to sound spending practices,” said Dr. Mustich, noting that in each of the last two years, spending increases were held to 1% and 1.8% through the use of effective reductions in staffand non-instructional services, while preserving the programs and services that ensure Rye Neck remains a district of distinction.

The proposed budget increase of 2.79% ensures reasonable class size, academic rigor, technology, and the full range of instructional services, support services, and extracurricular activities that allow students to flourish.  Modest targeted reductions in staffing and non-instructional areas like transportation have been utilized to offset mandated increases in pension costs and health insurance premiums, which are the largest drivers of increased spending in the proposed budget.

The tax levy increase of 3.63% compares to levy increases of 1.4% in each of the last two years, and is higher in part due to the projected loss of state aid.

“Responsible employee agreements, targeted reductions over time, and commitment to the quality programs and services from our Board has resulted in a budget that I believe meets the expectations of our community,” said Dr. Mustich.

“We look forward to sharing the details of this proposal over the next several weeks and helping our residents learn why we believe this proposed budget deserves their consideration.”

— Submitted by Superintendent Mustich’s office

One thought on “Rye Neck Schools: Budget Saves Programs

  1. Hey Dr. Mustich, why no mention of all the parents whose showed up at the meeting to oppose the busing cuts? Maybe you should try riding the Bee-Line to work some day. Perhaps if the tax payers took the cost of your car, car insurance and gas money out of your salary that would save us at least 100,000 bringing your $280,000 a year salary down to $180,000. Then if we did the same for your assistant director of finance we would save the district over $200,000 per year. Of course we would be human and give each of you $500 per year to ride the bus!

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