Rye Apartments Super Arraigned for Bestiality, Burglary


News 12 shot of Kujtim Nicaj


WHITE PLAINS– Every dog has his day.

The “bestiality Super” was arraigned Tuesday on burglary and sexual misconduct charges after prosecutors said he illegally entered a tenant’s apartment Feb 8. and engaged in multiple sex acts with a 15-month-old Labroador Retriever. He was allegedly caught by the tenant’s “Nanny Cam” at the Rye Colony apartments.

Kujtim Nicaj, 43, of Rye pleaded not guilty to six counts of sexual misconduct and two counts of burglary, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.


3 thoughts on “Rye Apartments Super Arraigned for Bestiality, Burglary

  1. I am horrified by this. I hope this man is humiliated and serves the maximum sentence for this inconceivable crime.
    That poor Lab needs to be treated for his/her trauma.
    This is NOT ok, not at all!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for reporting

    • It is very gross but I imagine the dog is already over it. Now this guy’s poor family… they deserve our pity.

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