Rumorville: Write On Palmer; Down the Avenue


We were sworn to secrecy, but with that big ole sign in the window on Palmer, it’s time to let you know. Write On!, the stationery store, will be moving from  2101 Boston Post Road in Larchmont to the Palmer Avenue space that’s been empty since Lorilyn moved out.


Who is taking Write On’s space? Avenue P.

The eclectic women’s fashion store moves again, having just settled into a small space a few doors down on the Post Road. “I couldn’t resist the beautiful space, and it’s much bigger,” said Andrea, the shop keep.

We congratulate them both!


One thought on “Rumorville: Write On Palmer; Down the Avenue

  1. I, for one, am most grateful for The Loop holding its tongue on this mega-scoop and maintaining its integrity in the face of what was a no-doubt excruciating desire to blurt out the secret. Doing that would have ripped this town to shreds and from its very moorings. I think I speak for the entire Village in applauding your self-control. Who’s with me on this???
    editor: these deals often fall apart, Benny. Was just respecting the owner’s wishes.

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