Rumorville: Whole Foods Coming to Port Chester


The regulars at Kneaded Bread in Port Chester were all a-buzz yesterday about a rumor that Port Chester’s vacant A and P- over in the Kohl’s Shopping Center- would become a Whole Foods, but we confirmed it with the company. By the end of 2013, Westchester will welcome a third Whole Foods store. White Plains opened in 2004 and a second location came to Ridge Hill in Yonkers in October.

photo: ximzero on flickr

4 thoughts on “Rumorville: Whole Foods Coming to Port Chester

  1. Thank goodness! The quality of grocery stores around here is AWFUL! The Whole Foods in Greenwich and White Plains are an embarrassment. I drive to the one in Darien or Ridge Hill. Hopefully the Port Chester one will be as nice as those!

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