Rumorville: Catery Going Thai?, Pascal’s to Close


It’s one of Larchmont’s more unique, even historic spaces. And a great business location, right next to the train tracks.

Back in the 1940’s it was an office…most recently, The Catery. Now we hear it’s going to be a Thai restaurant.

There appears to be a bar inside; this is curious as previous applications for a restaurant/bar were denied. Perhaps it will be take-out only.

And sadly, we hear Pascal’s, an elegant fixture in Larchmont for almost 15 years, will close its doors this weekend. We wish all the best to owners Pascal and Renee.


2 thoughts on “Rumorville: Catery Going Thai?, Pascal’s to Close

  1. More yogurt. That’s what we need, more yogurt. Oh, another deli, perfect. Maybe we can get the whole block to become one big deli!!!!! yay!!!!!!

    • I agree with your gist — anyone interested in putting a business in that area would be wise to think outside the current business mix.

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