Rumorville: What’s Going where Blockbuster Was?


,Blockbuster Walgreens construction

Will Weaver St. and the Boston Post Rd soon look like this?

Will the corner of Weaver St. and the Boston Post Rd soon look like this?


Yippee!  Another chain store…

So many have written in asking about the construction at the corner of Boston Post Road and Weaver Street in the Town of Mamaroneck… we’re gonna tell you again.

We don’t blame you for forgetting the story we posted way back in 2011–the site has been under construction a long time– but yea, the former Blockbuster Video space on that major intersection near Hommocks Middle School will soon be…. a Walgreens.


Permits have been issued and the building is being renovated at this time.  Town Administrator Steve Altieri says he doesn’t know the expected opening date.

(Anyone remember the short-lived Duane Reade where Petco is now?)

8 thoughts on “Rumorville: What’s Going where Blockbuster Was?

  1. I had a hard time knowing which CVS to use to buy my holiday cards. Now I have to have another choice! Holidays are going to suck this year.

    • And Petco was a Duane Reade for a very short period of time. What were they thinking when they opened across the street from CVS?

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