Rumorville: Pretty in Pink (and Brown)


LARCHMONT–  The renaissance on Palmer continues with the addition, today, of a cute new striped awning, soon to welcome shoppers to Sweet and Social, near the corner of East Avenue.  And real soon…as in by the end of next week, if possible, because owner Beth Feldman wants the kiddies to start enjoying her treats before school lets out.

Says Feldman, the mother of a Murray Kindergartener, “The shop has been a labor of love on my part for both the town of Larchmont and the love of sweets. I have been following the cupcake movement and the change of landscape in our town for the past year and I decided that Larchmont was in need of a cupcake shop.”

Works for us!   She will be serving over 20 varieties of cupcakes (filled and unfilled), whoopie pies,  cookies, brownies and lemon squares.  Everything will be prepared daily.



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