Rumorville: Mamaroneck’s House of Honda Hitting the Road


House of Honda, which has been in business 53 years on East Prospect Ave. in Mamaroneck will soon close. Owner “Honda Bob” sold the building to a developer, who, we hear, will be building apartments there.

Everything is for sale – furniture, fixtures, tools, equipment, parts, accessories…”many years of collected treasures,” they say on their Facebook page.

“Back up your truck and make an offer.”

2 thoughts on “Rumorville: Mamaroneck’s House of Honda Hitting the Road

  1. I agree about the housing development concern, especially if one is being considered at this location. Condos both here and a just block away at the old movie theater would be a traffic and parking disaster for the town, not to mention further overloading the schools…..

  2. I do hope that there is clear communication between the school and village/town boards. The number of new housing developments in Mamaroneck is concerning. Some of our elementary schools are already at capacity!

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