Rumorville: Larchmont Trader Joe’s to Expand into Bellizzi Restaurant Space



A big Rumorville for you today. We hear the Bellizzi Italian Restaurant is not renewing its lease in the Trader Joe’s Shopping Center in Larchmont, and that Trader Joe’s will be expanding into the space. (Bellizzi has a second location in Mt. Kisco.)

Calls to Bellizzi owner Ray Catena were not returned, however a Trader Joe’s manager confirmed the story, saying the expansion will occur, “eventually.”



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13 thoughts on “Rumorville: Larchmont Trader Joe’s to Expand into Bellizzi Restaurant Space

  1. I am so excited because I love Trader Joe’s and they could definitely use more space so they have more items!!! Yahoo !!! Lou P.

    • Yes, yes, yes. Hope the Town doesn’t drag its usual feet. Maybe it needs them tickled or its phones ringing off the hook.

  2. I hate to be a hater, but good riddance Bellizzi. Pizza & Brew was “ok”, but Bellizzi has been wasting that real estate for years….

    • Think NYSLA.

      Not really a TJ type thing though. Would be good to be able to get “2 Buck Chuck” to try, even if if it now may be “3 Buck Chuck”.

    • Wines & spirits only? They should be integrated with the rest of the store. It’s hardly uncommon to shop for a planned meal, and want to select a wine to accompany it at the same time. So natural to have both in the same store.

      • Thanks to some obscure NY law, you CAN’T have wine & spirits in the same place as beer, which TJ’s has in their stores. That is why I was suggesting a seperate shop as Fairway does in Pelham – only TJ wines are much more reasonable.

        • There’s all kinds of obscure and ancient laws still on the statute books; I seriously doubt this one would ever be enforced!

          • This one is true. In NY and NJ I believe, they’re only allowed one in-store liquor dept. In NJ it’s in Westfield, I once did a story on it.
            I believe this is why at TJ’s on Union Square and at Fairway in Pelham the wine stores are completely separate. Separate transactions, different stores.

          • But it IS enforced…everywhere. Ever found wine or spirits at Costco, or a grocery store? Where I came from, both had everything in one place, and not surprisingly, much cheaper since they had greater buying power than mom & pop liquor stores.

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