Rumorville: Flower Power


Flower Children: John Feldtmose and Nancy White, new owners of the Flower Bar

Have you been to the Flower Bar in Larchmont? Reinvented as a fresh new flower shop several years ago from the old Flower Barn, (with an N,) which had been at the spot at 11 Addison Street for ages, Ainslie Simmons took over, changed the name (by one letter,)  exposed the brick walls, and turned an old storage room in the back into a workshop, classroom or party venue.

Then Larchmont native Nancy White, formerly a magazine ad exec, went to work there part-time, and never looked back.

Today, Nancy and her hubby, John Feldtmose, officially signed the papers and bought the place. (Congratuations!)  And starting tomorrow, their countdown to the Valentine’s Day rush begins… (Feldtmose, by the way, was a Governor of the University Club of Larchmont and is VP of the Humane Society of New Rochelle.)

The Catery... has closed its doors to the historic little building by the Larchmont train station, but Chris Curtain will still gladly cater your event.

Sweet Shop?- Is it true? We’ve heard for a while there was interest by a baker in the space on Palmer Avenue in Larchmont vacated by Lorilyn Angels. Now, sources say, a deal’s about to be signed.

7 thoughts on “Rumorville: Flower Power

  1. I just wanted to tell larchgirl that the status of The Catery is that in the near future it will be listed with Coldwell Banker. I will be the listing agent. How can I help you?

  2. A new bakery, run by someone who knows how to bake using ingredients such as butter and real chocolate, would be very welcome.

  3. I was counting the days ’til The Catery closed. Too bad, because they had made it look so nice, years ago. But not surprising. I walked in and right out again 3 times over the past few years. They never had any food that appealed. Just a lonely dish or two in the case and the smell of ammonia.

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