Rumorville: Carol Charny to Close Larchmont Store


Everyone’s favorite shabby chic, fabulous furnishings and unique linens store will soon be no more. Carol Charny, who has been at 1905 Palmer Avenue for years,











is closing her store "around the end of August."

Carol will be back "when the economy rebounds ‘for real,’  possibly in the Spring in a smaller venue" to cut expenses.

"The hardest part," she says, "was deciding to do it. Now I know it’s the right thing."


And guess what…

Everything in the store is 50% off with cash or a check 45% off with a credit card! Today the store was mobbed.


She still does decorating and can be reached at:

4 thoughts on “Rumorville: Carol Charny to Close Larchmont Store

  1. Soon we’ll look like Central Avenue or Rye. What a shame that another unique, wonderful store in Larchmont is closing…

  2. I am crying now for the beauty we are losing – both in the decorator and the decoration style she brings to Larchmont.

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