Rumorville: Bring all your Appetites


Those of us that know

But what about those with a healthy appetite for cookies?

Enter, literally, “A Proper Cup,” a just-about-ready-to-open extension (formerly the Scandinavian carpet store), opening June 11, and serving tea and scones, coffee and lemon squares and many other proper snacks. Just beyond the cafe is a multi-media room, where authors will visit in person and on skype on the big flat screen, writers’ workshops will meet, and more programs will be held for adults, teens and the Middle School and under set.

The bookshop and cafe combo has been a dream of Voracious Reader Owner Francine Lucidon’s for some time now. Surrounded by all those fantasy novels and coming-of-age heroines, why shouldn’t she have believed this dream could come true?

The Voracious Reader and A Proper Cup- 1997 Palmer Avenue Larchmont, NY 10538 914.630.4581


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