Rumorville: Break on through to the Other Side


Seeing double?

First, Stanz in Larchmont expanded into the old Palumbo pastry store next door, doubling the space…and now neighboring Encore French bistro is doing the same, taking over the recently departed Villarina Pasta store at 20 Chatsworth Avenue.





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5 thoughts on “Rumorville: Break on through to the Other Side

  1. My family bought shoes at Plaza Bootery for over 30 years, getting very good service and paying not-totally-unreasonable prices.

    It was the kind of store one hopes to find in a small village.

    Now, like many of the other small businesses that served Larchmont for decades (the result is the same, the reason different), it’s gone.

    Hopefully our far-too-many empty stores will soon be filled with businesses that provide what we in fact want to buy, provide good service, and provide it at, again, a not-totally-unreasonable price.

  2. It is a pity to see that Plaza Bootery is gone. They were a Larchmont institution run by good people. If your view is colored by recent events, please let me leave you with this image:

    In the late 60’s, I was in Plaza Bootery shopping with my mother when a fresh faced young man who could not have been more than 20 came in. He was on crutches because he had one leg. With his crew cut during the time of the mod look, it became pretty clear that he had recently returned from Vietnam. The staff graciously and tenderly helped him buy a pair of sneakers, helping him with the fit and easing the self-consciousness that everyone in the store felt because he needed only one shoe.

    A store like that in a small town was part of many people’s lives. I can still see my children being fitted for their first shoes there. Now we must go to some chain or big box store. What Plaza Bootery once was will be missed.

  3. Not so great to see that the map that appears with the article has the businesses about half a mile from where they really are, as if they were at 20 NORTH Chatsworth Avenue.

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