Reporter Says She Found Mary Kennedy’s Body


BEDFORD– Mary Kennedy’s lifeless body was discovered by New 12 Westchester reporter Shannon White,  according to a report running today on the station.

“I went over to her and prayed with her body,” says White in an exclusive News12 report on Cablevision, speaking of the day she says she found her friend’s body hanging in an outbuilding on her Bedford property.

In addition to working as a freelance reporter at News 12, White was a longtime friend of Mary Kennedy’s, is an ordained Presbyterian minister, and was a spiritual adviser to Mary Kennedy during the last five weeks of her life.

White accompanied Robert Kennedy Jr. to his estranged wife’s Bedford home and found her hanging in one of the buildings on the property on May 16.

One thought on “Reporter Says She Found Mary Kennedy’s Body

  1. All I can say is, liar liar pants on fire!

    Complete and utter nonsense. We all know who found the poor women and it wasn’t her.

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