Reader Mail: Where is Delaney’s Bench?

The missing bench belongs between the flower pots


editor: The bench in front of the Golden Shoestring thrift store in Larchmont is gone. It was placed in memory of a two-month-old baby named Delaney who died suddenly in 2009.

Dear Editor:

Can your readers help us find a bench stolen from outside the Golden Shoestring today (Tuesday 10.11) ?

Delaney’s mom is a friend of mine and we really want this bench returned asap!  Delaney’s mom is very involved with The Golden Shoestring where the bench sits. It was dedicated a few months after her passing and it’s been a great comfort to Delaney’s family to have a spot where they can sit and see her name engraved on the bench and think of her. Delaney would have been 2 on November 1.

I hope it turns up again as quickly as it disappeared.

from Loop Reader Amy Sullivan


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