Reader Mail: Squeeeeeeezing in New Parking


To the Editor:

I thought you would find this amusing.

I have attached a  picture of one of the few newly created parking spots at the Mamaroneck Train Station.  Does anyone agree that at least spot #172 is a little too close to the crosswalk?

I know parking is a problem in the Village but this space seems more of a hazard and won’t solve the overall problem.

Judy Santarsiero


2 thoughts on “Reader Mail: Squeeeeeeezing in New Parking

  1. I don’t know, this morning, a high suv was parked in that spot, and in my low sedan, I had zero visibility of the crosswalk to the left when stopped at the stop sign. Always a dangerous crossing as pedestrians run to catch their train, it is as if they “came out of nowhere”, as the saying goes.

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