Putnam Lawmakers: Those Westchester Dots = Danger


So back to the map of gun permit holders in Westchester published by the Journal News in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings.

The controversy over the Dec.22 article won’t be going away anytime soon.

Lawmakers in nearby Putnam County are refusing to give the Journal News its data on pistol permits for a follow-up article. Putnam County Executive Mary Ellen O’Dell told Good Day NY,  “Privacy is very important. And there is the protection piece to this. We’re looking to make sure our residents are safe and secure always. To have their names and addresses to be put into public record puts them at risk,

This refusal, by the way, is against the law under Freedom of Information.

And now on the Gannett Blog, as reported by jimromanesko.com

According to the post on the Gannett blog: “Even at this blog’s most contentious, I always believed children of Gannett executives shouldn’t be dragged into discussions about the company’s management. My reasoning: They shouldn’t suffer because of the (sometimes) bad decisions made by their parents. But now a new blog is testing that idea. Expose Gannett was launched after The Journal News published names and addresses of handgun permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties in suburban New York. That ignited a firestorm of criticism by supporters of gun owners. Expose has published names and home addresses (with maps) of five of Gannett’s top executives, starting with CEO Gracia Martore. In two cases, the blog — whose author is anonymous — has identified two minor children by name, and attempted to link to their Facebook pages” .(more)

Meanwhile, the newspaper has hired armed guards to protect its staff. Ironic, no?

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