Proposal to Fix Water Contamination in Mamaroneck

The Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club is located on the east side of Mamaroneck Harbor.

The Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club is located near Mamaroneck Harbor.

The Mamaroneck’s Village Planning Board’s recent public hearing  reviewed environmental plans and concerns stemming from shockingly contaminated local water and beach closings.

Water quality testing in Mamaroneck last summer revealed that a broken sewer pipe owned by the Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club was leaking raw sewage into Otter Creek, near where it empties into Mamaroneck Harbor and the Shore Acres beach. ( See our previous coverage.)

The Board is now considering a proposal to replace the force main and sewage pump station on the club’s grounds.  Previously, the club was asked to make a temporary repair and now has come up with what is hoped will be a permanent solution to the contamination problem. 

After learning of the proposal, Save the Sound, a local environmental group that conducts the water quality tests, said, “The sewer is at least 60 years old and it has broken at least once already. It is essential that it be replaced.”  In a letter to the Planning Board, the group has outlined its detailed recommendations published here.

The Village and the club’s owners have decided that the permanent repair should include replacement of the entire sewer – a force main that connects to the Village’s sewers and to the Mamaroneck sewage treatment plant – and a pump station. Save the Sound not only supports this effort but has called for much more to be done to address the serious bacterial pollution affecting other areas of Mamaroneck and upstream municipalities with aging sewage infrastructure.


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