Police: No Identity on ‘Friendly’ Stranger with Gun at Hommocks



There is still no identity on the stranger attempting to enter Larchmont’s Hommocks Middle School near the pool and ice rink Thursday, say police, an incident that prompted a lock-out at six schools in the District as well as those in Rye Neck, and wall to wall news coverage.

“The matter is still under investigation,” according to Lt. Robert Koziak of the Town of Mamaroneck Police.

Students and staff at six Mamaroneck District schools Thursday responded to the Administration’s report of a stranger that admitted having a gun with measures ranging from children hiding under desks, to an eventual lock-out after regular dismissal at all school buildings.

While the man appeared “friendly,” according to reports, and left without incident, stating that he carried a gun as part of his job in security, the incident provoked fear among students and parents and led evening newscasts in New York. Aerial images of Hommocks Middle School made an eerie appearance on television screens.

Here is how the media covered the story Thursday:

Journal News: Mamaroneck cops: Man with gun blocked from school

Time: Suspicious Man with Gun Prompts Lockdown at Suburban NYC School District

NBC: Man With Gun Prompts Lockdown at Mamaroneck Schools



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