Police Blotter


CRIME OF THE WEEK – Tough ‘Love’: Someone broke into two cars, stealing purses from both of them, at different Scarsdale tennis courts on May 6. One car was parked in the Wayside Tennis Court lot; the other on the Crossway Tennis Court lot.






ARREST: A Lake Oswego, Ore., man was arrested and charged with operating a car with a suspended license after he committed a traffic infraction on Chatsworth Avenue.  The car was impounded and the man was released on $200 bail. May 1.

LARCENY: A Palmer Ave business owner reported that someone stole merchandise worth $300 that was on display when the business opened. May 4.

LARCENY: A Boston Post Road service station reported that a motorist pumped $36 of gasoline and left without paying. May 5


ARREST: A 54-year-old Mamaroneck Village resident was arrested for DWI after leaving the scene of an accident on Warren Avenue. May 7.

LARCENY: Someone stole the tires and rims from a Honda Accord owned by a Mamaroneck Avenue resident. May 9.


LARCENY: A Chatsworth Avenue resident reported the valet key to his car missing after the superintendent of his building, who keeps the keys, said he did not have it. May 6.


LARCENY: Someone broke into a car, stealing a GPS, parked overnight in the driveway of a Bradford Avenue home. May 5


LARCENY: Someone stole a Cannondale mountain bike was stolen from a bike rack on East Parkway by the taxi stand. May 2

LARCENY: Someone stole a purple Café Express Motobecane bike, which was locked up on the driveway of an Oak Lane home.  May 3

ARREST: A highly intoxicated Connecticut man was arrested for DWI and Aggravated DWI after causing a four-car accident at the intersection of Weaver Street and Quaker Ridge Road. The man, who admitted to causing the accident, was released on $250 bail. May 7.

ARREST: A Mount Vernon man was arrested for DWI after d riving into a Con Edison utility pole near the intersection of Post and Mamaroneck roads. He was released on $100 bail. May 7.


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