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ROBBERY: A woman reported that her purse was taken from her while she was shopping at Plaza Bootery 1910 Palmer Ave. The suspect then fled the store. Feb. 12 (see story)

VEHICLE IMPOUND: A scofflaw vehicle with $1955 in outstanding fines was impounded and towed from Lot 6. Feb. 14.

LARCENY: A Palmer Avenue resident reported that a fraudulent check in the amount of $3900 was cashed against her account. Feb. 15

VEHICLE IMPOUND: A scofflaw vehicle with $1020 in outstanding fines was impounded and towed from West Avenue. Feb. 15

LARCENY: A Mamaroneck Town resident reported that his bicycle, valued at $600, was removed during the evening hours from the bicycle rack in Lot 1. Feb. 16

VEHICLE IMPOUND: A scofflaw vehicle with $1025 in outstanding fines was impounded and towed from Lot 6. Feb. 17

LARCENY: A Woodbine Avenue resident reported that he never received packages, containing merchandised valued at $350, after they had been reported delivered by Fed Ex. Feb. 17


A Rye resident reported that he was bit in the left calf by an unknown parties’ dog while walking on Boston Post Road and Park Avenue. Feb. 17

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Reymont Avenue resident reported that an unknown person had hit their parked vehicle. The car was struck from behind smashing the back taillight. The cost of the damages were not determined. The vehicle was parked on Apawamis Avenue and Milton Road when the incident occurred. Feb. 16

LARCENY: A Theall Road resident reported that money had been stolen from her purse during business hours by an unknown person. The woman stated that $480 had been taken from her purse while she was working. Nothing else was taken from the purse, credit and debit cards remained untouched. Feb. 17

LARCENY: A Roger Sherman Place resident made a walk-in complaint stating that his TV/DVD unit was taken from his boat. The boat was docked at Tide Mill. The TV/DVD was installed in the man’s 28’ Sea Ray Sundance boat. Upon complaint the man was advised that headquarters had possession of the stolen property. Feb. 19

DUI: An officer on patrol noticed that a grey Volvo was driving in an erratic manner. Patrol continued to follow the Volvo. The suspect swerved over the double yellow lines on Hammond Road and Theodore Fremd Avenue. The driver then took a complete stop. The officers approached the vehicle to be under the influence of alcohol. There were no injuries or damages caused during the incident. Feb. 21


DWI: A 33 year-old male from Harrison was caught driving while intoxicated on Rockland Avenue. Upon being pulled over the was man was found with a badly lacerated right hand. The man was taken to White Plains hospital for treatment. Feb. 19

DWI: A 31 year-old male from Yonkers was found operating a vehicle while intoxicated on Mamaroneck Avenue. Patrol pulled the man over and made the arrest. There were no injuries or damages to report. Feb. 19

ACCIDENT HIT & RUN: A caller reported that a person getting out of his vehicle was struck by a car on East Boston Post Road. The man who was struck, got back into his car and both vehicles fled the scene together. The two were seen heading north on Barry Avenue. No further information is known about the incident. Feb. 19

SUSPICIOUS PERSON: A North Barry Avenue resident reported that a man was walking door-to-door asking if people had alarm systems. Patrol arrived on the scene to find the man soliciting. Police advised the man of the Village Code and that he must immediately leave the area. Feb. 19

DWI: A 31 year-old male from Stanford, Conn., was found operating his vehicle while drunk on Halstead Avenue. Patrol pulled the man over and upon examination found the driver to be highly intoxicated. The man was taken to headquarters for processing. Feb. 19

LARCENY: A Boston Post Road resident reported that someone in the past had stolen several items from their residence. The items taken were a jacket, phone and $100 in cash. The cost of the missing jacket and phone are worth approximately $400. Personal papers were also removed from the house. A suspect is unknown but the complainant has a possible suspect. Investigation into the matter will continue. Feb. 20


CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Vine Road resident reported that youths had egged her house. The egging caused severe damage to the house’s paint. The estimated damages are undetermined. The suspects are unknown but the resident claims they were young males. Investigation into the situation will continue. Feb. 18

LARCENY: An unnamed contracting company within the Town of Mamaroneck had funds extorted from their account. At this time the company wanted to remain nameless. The amount taken is also unknown. The case is under further investigation. Feb. 19


(see Scarsdale Undercover for more)

ASSISTANCE RENDERED: A Saxon Woods Road, Scarsdale resident called headquarters stating that there is man attempting to break into his house. Patrol arrived on the scene to find that the unidentified man was trying to serve the resident his divorce papers.

ASSISTANCE RENDERED: A Wheelock Road resident reported that he was receiving threatening text messages from an unknown person. The text messages came from a wrong number and they were never aimed at the complainant. Feb. 14

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