Police Blotter: 2.2.11


CRIME OF THE WEEK A Lambert Lane resident in Scarsdale reported that four male youths threw ice at her white Honda Civic while she was driving on Post Road. There was apparently no damage. Police found the four boys, who had apparently been drinking, on Rugby Road and took them to dispatch. The boys were released to their parents. Jan. 29


Larchmont Police did not update their blotter this week.


ASSISTANCE RENDERED: A Fenimore Road resident reported that she lost $1,600 dollars to an Internet marketing scheme. After receiving an E-mail to purchase a product,the victim made several payments to the company, which turned out to be fake. Jan. 25.

IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD: A Windward Lane resident reported that someone had attempted to open a credit card in his name. A detective will investigate further into the situation. Jan. 25

IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD: A Brite Avenue resident reported that someone withdrew a total of $9600 from his Chase checking and savings accounts. The accounts were closed and the matter is under further investigation. Jan. 26

LARCENY: A Heathcote Road resident made a complaint stating that funds were unlawfully removed from his checking account. Police subsequently arrested a 41-year-old Queens woman, who turned out to be the victim’s girlfriend.  The man claimed the woman stole 12 individual checks worth a total of $3000, and executed five electronic transfers worth $980. The suspect was charged with Grand Larceny and Criminal Possession of stolen property. Jan. 27

IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD: A Tompkins Road resident reported that someone had opened a T-Mobile cell phone account in her name by using her personal ID information. The victim apparently received a $560 bill from T-Mobile, though she never had an account with the carrier. Jan. 27

ASSISTANCE RENDERED: A northbound motorist spotted an unidentified individual leaning over the bridge on Walworth Avenue. The patrol unit didn’t find anyone upon arrival at the scene. Jan. 28

IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD: A Valley Road man reported that money had been removed from his wife’s account. Citibank had returned to the woman a check for insufficient funds, after which the victim discovered that an unauthorized check for $2000 had been cashed. The bank refunded the money and the situation is under further investigation. Police say the incident could be linked to the woman losing her purse last year. Jan. 28.

ASSISTANCE RENDERED: After his house keys and drivers license were stolen out of his car in Mt. Vernon, a Donellan Road resident became concerned when he called his babysitter to be on the alert for any suspicious activity — and she didn’t answer the phone. Police found the babysitter at the house, where everyone was in good shape. Jan. 28

ASSISTANCE RENDERED: A Wayside Lane resident called  police because she believed someone was attempting to break into her house. The Patrol unit checked the perimeter of the house, and found no signs of tampering or force entry. Patrol advised the homeowner that it seems all is in order. Jan. 30


ACCIDENT HIT & RUN: A Mamaroneck resident reported a hit and run on Mamaroneck Avenue. The resident was in a parked vehicle and was side swiped by an unidentified driver. There were no injuries reported during the incident. Jan .25

SUSPICIOUS INCIDENT: There were several 911 hang-ups made by a Halstead Avenue resident. The patrol unit was sent to the residence. Upon arrival the unit was advised that it was just a child playing with the phone. There were no signs of an incident. Jan. 26

COMPLAINT: A supposed resident of Mamaroneck Avenue reported harassing phone calls. Police later reported that the complaint was originally from the Bronx, whose police department will handle the case. Jan. 27

YOUTH COMPLAINT: A Mamaroneck Avenue resident reported a group of youths loitering on his or her property. The caller stated that the group left but wanted to document the incident for building management. The youths were unidentified and no names could be given. Jan. 29

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: A Mamaroneck Avenue resident made an emergency 911 call, stating that a group of people were having a large snowball fight. A patrol unit showed up on the scene and took control of the situation. Summonses were issued to the disorderly party. Jan. 29


DOMESTIC DISPUTE: A patrol officer on Midland Avenue and Peck was approached by woman. The woman claimed she got into a verbal dispute with another female. The incident occurred inside of a parked car. The woman was taken to headquarters to file a domestic incident report. Jan. 30


LARCENY: Four ink cartridges work a total of $600 were reportedly shoplifted from Staples on Boston Post Road. No suspect has been identified. Investigation continues. Jan. 27.

IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD: A Hilltop Road resident reported that someone had forged a check in his name under his Chase Bank account. The cashed check was worth $4210. The perpetrator is still unknown and the case will be further investigated. Jan. 27

IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD: A Vine Road resident reported that someone stole her Bank of America ATM card, withdrawing $502.17 from her account. The case will be further investigated. Jan. 31

LARCENY: A Ridgewood Drive resident reported that items had been stolen from his parked car. The theft occurred overnight. The victim believes the items were stolen during dinner time hours. Jan. 26

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