Police Blotter: $90K Benz and $63K Range Rover Ripped Off from Dealers



LARCENY: An employee of Mercedes Benz of Larchmont made a report that a Mercedes Benz S550, valued at $90,000, was stolen from the sales lot on Post Road. The theft is still being investigated. Oct. 3

(According to LoHud, New Rochelle detectives are looking for two men they think stole a $63,000 Range Rover from the dealer on the Post Road, almost next door)

LARCENY: A Shore Drive resident made a call-in report that his $700 Trek 21 speed bike was stolen while chained at CVS on Boston Post Road. Oct. 3


LARCENY: An Elm Avenue resident reported that he discovered several credit card accounts had been opened in his name, and charges totaling $30,000 had been posted. Sept. 26

LARCENY: A Pryer Lane resident reported that he had lost his wallet and was subsequently contacted by his bank and alerted of the fact that an attempt was made to use one of his credit cards. Sept. 26


ARREST: A 38 year-old man from Mamaroneck Village was charged with a DWI after being pulled over for a traffic stop violation. Sept. 30

ARREST: A 20 year-old woman from White Plains was charged with DWI after police noticed a verbal dispute between her and another woman in the car. Sept. 30

ARREST: A 23 year-old man from New Rochelle was arrested for harassing a woman walking on Mamaroneck Avenue. Sept. 30


LARCENY: A Drake Smith Lane resident reported that his handicap parking permit was stolen from his car while parked at the train station. Sept. 28

LARCENY: A Graham Court resident made a call-in complaint that someone had taken his leaf blower from the back of his truck. Sept. 28

LARCENY: A Hillside Road resident reported that her car had been broken into overnight and her purse was taken. Sept. 28

LARCENY: A Milton Road resident made a walk-in report that someone had taken one of his checks and cashed it for the amount of $1300. The case is still being investigated. Sept. 29

LARCENY: A Forest Avenue resident made a walk-in report that his bike went missing from the common area in the basement of his apartment building. At this time it is still unknown who took the bike. Oct. 1

LARCENY: A Portchester resident made a walk-in complaint that someone had removed several tools from his paid storage space on Midland Avenue. The man is also being evicted from the space by the landlord. Oct. 2

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