Police Blotter


People report that lots of stuff is missing…


LARCENY: A Larchmont Avenue resident reported that he discovered jewelry, valued at $3200, missing from his home. May 11

LARCENY: A Beach Avenue resident reported the theft of his wallet while traveling on an Acela train. May 12

LARCENY: An Islip Terrace resident reported that she parked her car on Palmer Avenue during the afternoon hours and upon returning to her car she found the passenger window shattered and her iPod missing. May 13


CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: Two teenagers were given summons for being at the park on Ward Avenue after 10 p.m. The 18 year-old boy was also shouting obscenities in public, and was given a summons for disorderly conduct. May 11

ARREST: A 19 year-old male from Scarsdale and a 19 year-old female from Mamaroneck Village, were arrested for possession of marijuana and impaired driving on Fenimore Road. Their car was pulled over after an officer on patrol noticed they went through a stop sign. The driver was found to be under the influence of marijuana, which was later found in the car. May 12

LARCENY: While at Columbus Park, a Mamaroneck Village resident made a call-in complaint that someone stole their cell phone. The woman said that she let a man borrow her phone and he left without giving it back. She could not find the man and did not know who he was. May 12

ARREST: A 45 year-old man from Yonkers was arrested for cocaine possession. He was also arrested on the charge of driving without a license. The incident started with a fight on Mamaroneck Avenue between the man from Yonkers and another individual. The fight resulted in minor injuries. After the Yonkers man was searched, cocaine was found in his possession. May 14


LARCENY: A Larchmont Acres resident made a complaint that his blue Raleigh bike and accessories were taken. The bike was taken from the driveway of his home. The bike cost $300. May 15

LARCENY: A Forest Avenue resident made a call-in complaint that her car had been broken into overnight and her Garmin GPS was taken. May 16


LARCENY: A Parkway Drive resident made a walk-in-in complaint that her sneakers and watch were taken from the Rye YMCA lockeroom. Someone went into her locker and took the items between 8-8:30 p.m. The watch was left inside of one of the stolen sneakers. She also reported the theft to YMCA security.  May 13


LARCENY: An Abbey Close Road resident called dispatch stating that his silver 2010 Trek 1100 bike had been stolen from a stand on East Parkway by Starbucks. The man left his bike there in the morning before he went to work. He returned to find the bike missing from the stand. The bike is worth $900. May 9

ARREST: A Port Chester man was arrested after causing an accident on Fenimore and Brewster Road and driving with an expired Rhode Island license. The man was driving in his 2000 Dodge Pickup truck when he hit the car of a Tompkins Road resident.  After a background check the responding officer found that the man’s license was suspended on two offenses that occurred in Rhode Island. May 10

LARCENY: An Edgewood Road resident made a call-in complaint that she was missing $750 from her home. She put an envelope with $450 in her desk draw and also put $300 in her check box in another draw. The woman suspects her cleaning crew is responsible for taking the money. The woman called the cleaners at their home and they claimed that they did not take the money, but will pay her back. The head cleaner also said he did not want to get the police involved. No charges are going to be pressed, but the woman said if they do not pay her back she will reconsider. May 11

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