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Even more bad behavior than usual…Larchmont, the Mamaronecks, Rye and Scarsdale.







CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A North Ave business owner reported that someone had cut the cable wires on the exterior of the building. April 18

LARCENY: A Boston Post Rd resident reported that his bicycle, valued at $375, was removed from the bicycle rack in Lot 3. April 19

LARCENY: A Mamaroneck Village woman reported that someone removed her wallet and cell phone from her purse after she left it momentarily unattended at the Cellar Bar on Railroad Way. April 22


LARCENY: A Wagner Avenue resident reported that an iPod and GPS were taken from his car. The car was parked on the street and left unlocked. The value of the two items is approximately $300. April 20

LARCENY: A West Boston Post Road resident reported that her car had been broken into overnight and a handbag was taken. The car was found with the front passenger window smashed. The handbag contained $250, various credit cards and personal papers. April 21

ARREST: A 53 year-old man was charged with petit larceny after stealing a patron’s wallet at a business on West Boston Post Road. The wallet contained $100. April 22

LARCENY: An employee of a laundromat on Mamaroneck Avenue reported that someone had taken several aprons and laundry containers. The stolen items are valued at approximately $150. April 22

ARREST: A 40 year-old man from Yonkers was charged with a DWI while driving on West Boston Post Road. Patrol found the offender passed out at the wheel. April 23

ARREST: A 24 year-old man from New Rochelle was charged with a DWI while driving on Palmer Avenue. April 23

LARCENY: A Mount Pleasant Avenue resident reported that two bicycles had been taken from their home from April 21-24. The value of the two bikes is approximately $700. April 24


BURGLARY: A Dillon Road resident reported that someone had broken into their apartment and stole a portfolio containing valuable documents. The incident is still under further investigation. April 20

ARREST: A 59 year-old Larchmont resident was arrested after attempting to use a stolen check. The check was in the name of an Oyster Bay, N.Y., resident. April 25


PROPERTY STOLEN: A Purchase Street resident reported that they had received a UPS package in the late afternoon and it was left on their front door step. The complainant came home from work to find no package. UPS reports the package was delivered. The stolen package contained three cell phones. April 22

LARCENY: A Rye Beach Avenue resident reported her son’s green kick scooter was taken from the backyard in the morning hours on April 22. The woman claims she was solicited by two males selling magazines on the evening of April 21. She believes they could be possible suspects. April 22

ARREST: A 27 year-old man from Portchester was arrested on charges of drug possession. The man was found by patrol with a hypodermic needle in his right rear pocket. The offender was placed on $260 bail and is due back in Rye City Court. April 23


BURGLARY: A Meadow Road resident reported that his house had been broken into and several items had been taken from the home. The man stated that he and his wife left their house around 10 a.m. When the wife returned in the afternoon she found that several pieces of jewelry and fur coats were missing. Suspects are unknown, but the complainant believes it may be two women who came on the previous day to look at the house for possible purchase. The value of the lost property is estimated at $20,000. April 19

LARCENY: A Crossway resident reported that her car had been broken into and her wallet was removed from her purse. The woman went for a run on the track at Scarsdale High School. Upon return she found the window broken and her wallet was missing. The wallet contained various credit cards and no money. The estimated damage to the vehicle is valued at $500. April 21

AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT: A Webster Road resident reported that she was being harassed by her friend who moved to Virginia through email and text message. The complainant asked the offender to stop communicating with her but he refused. Police called the offender and advised him of the consequences of harassing an individual. The man was advised to cease communication or further action would have to be taken. The man understood the terms presented to him by the police. The woman was satisfied with the actions the police took and decided to not press charges. April 22

LARCENY: A Popham Road resident reported that his Trek 7100 bicycle had been stolen sometime during the week of April 15 while he was away on vacation. The man stored the bike in the garage and he stated that he had accidently left the garage door open. The only people allowed on the property during that time where landscapers and contractors. The value of the bike is $450. April 23

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