Police Blotter 3.9.11


The usual mayhem, with more  bad behavior than usual.









CRIMINAL MISCHIEF : A Palmer Ave resident reported that someone had made markings with permanent ink on the door to her apartment. Feb. 20

PENAL LAW ARREST: The owner of Plaza Bootery was arrested and charged in the robbery that had been reported to Larchmont Police on 2/12. The 46 year-old Palmer Ave resident was charged with Robbery 3rd , arraigned and remanded on $10,000 bail. Feb. 24  (see story)

LARCENY: A Wendt Ave resident reported that he discovered unauthorized charges had been made on his credit card. Feb. 24


LARCENY/LOST PROPERTY: A woman reported that her purse had gone missing from her office on East Boston Post Road. The purse contained $60 in cash, personal papers and credit cards. The woman believes the purse may have been taken from her business, but the police are unsure at this time if the incident is in fact a larceny or just lost property. The matter is under further investigation. March 1

LARCENY: A man from Yonkers reported to make an attempt at stealing tools from a van by Station Plaza. The man was caught in the act by the owner of the vehicle and was handed over to patrol. March 1

LARCENY: A Harrison Avenue resident reported that his backpacks had gone missing. Patrol arrived on the scene and spoke with the complainant. While speaking to the complainant a passerby found the backpacks lying in the grass close to the area. The backpacks were just misplaced and no crime of any type was committed. March 3

DUI: A 46 year-old female from the Village was caught driving under the influence on Mamaroneck Avenue. There were no damages or injuries committed during the incident. March 3

ARREST: A 45 year-old man was charged with first degree criminal contempt and stalking. The name and gender of the stalked victim will be keep confidential for the sake of the individual. March 4

LARCENY: A Lester Avenue resident reported that his windshield wipers had been removed from his vehicle. The approximate cost of the wipers is estimated at $35. March 4

SUSPICIOUS INCIDENT: A Wagner Avenue resident made a call-in complainant stating that someone may have attempted to remove a tire from his vehicle. Patrol arrived and examined the car. Upon examination patrol found marks on the area around the tire, but nothing was stolen. March 7


CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Subway employee on Purchase Street reported that an unknown individual had put graffiti on the back wall of the store. Patrol left a statement to be filled out for the store manager. The employee stated that no one has ever vandalized the store before and there is no previous history. March 2

ASSIST CITIZEN: A Mccullough Place resident reported that her Wachovia Bank account had fraudulent charges put on it. The amount taken was not confirmed and the woman was advised to fill out a civilian statement. Police will investigate the situation further. March 3

PROPERTY STOLEN: A Sonn Drive resident reported that her license plates were stolen. The complainant mailed the license plates to the DMV. She called the DMV and they claimed they never received the plates. The complainant believes the plates were stolen. An owner’s deposition and sworn statement were prepared. March 4

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Several youths were reported to be in front of the CVS Pharmacy on Boston Post Road. The complainant stated that there was a black Chevrolet outside of the CVS, and some of youths may have been under the influence. Upon investigation at headquarters the youths were not found to be intoxicated but were advised that they were causing a disturbance. March 5

LARCENY: A Philips Lane resident reported that his car had been broken into and property had been stolen. The complainant stated that an unknown person gained access to his car and took his Garmin GPS. The man believes the incident occurred sometime between Feb. 10-17. This is another case in the ongoing GPS car thefts reported in Rye within the last month. March 5


ASSISTANCE RENDERED: A Shell mechanic on Scarsdale Avenue reported that he was assaulted. Patrol spoke with both involved parties and found that two co-workers got into an argument and a physical altercation. The owner heard both mechanics shouting which eventually led to a shoving match. One of the men involved badly lacerated his hand on a ladder in the garage. Either mechanic decided to press charges and all was in good order when patrol left the area. March 2

LARCENY: A Rockledge Road resident reported that her car had been broken into and several items were removed from the car. The victim returned to her vehicle to find her purse missing which contained $100 in cash, a cell phone, a checkbook and her Bank of America MasterCard. She also noticed the window to her car was broken. The complainant had parked her vehicle in front of Hoff-Barthelson School and left her purse on the front side passenger seat. March 2

LARCENY: Patrol found another car broken into in the parking lot of Hoff-Barthelson School after investigation of the above incident. Patrol spoke to the owner of the car and stated that the car had been vandalized. Upon examination of the vehicle the woman found $7 missing along with her credit card and drivers license. March 2

AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT: An Axtell Drive resident reported that she is receiving unwanted calls and text messages from a recurring phone number. The complainant stated that she had met a man on Facebook who appeared harmless. The man posed as a friend from the past. Police contacted the suspect and advised him to stop harassing the victim. March 2

AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT: A Brite Avenue resident made a walk-in complaint stating that she was being harassed via telephone. The victim had put an ad in the paper stating that she was looking for a housekeeper. The suspect inquired about the position and the complainant setup an interview. The complainant called the woman and told her the job was no longer available. The suspect continuously called the victim harassing her about the taken position. The police contacted the suspect and told her to stop harassing the victim. March 3

LARCENY: A Post Road resident reported that $117.50 was taken from the lock box in her bedroom. The complainant stated that the lock was in a strange position and had to be jiggled to gain entry. There were several other items in the lock box that were not taken, but when she counted her money she found a portion missing. At this time a suspect in unknown and investigation into the matter will continue. March 4

LARCENY: A Heathcote Road resident reported that an unknown individual had attempted to cash a fake check in her name for $4796.28. JP Morgan Chase advised the complainant that someone had attempted to cash the check in her name with legitimate information. The victim was advised to cancel the account. Headquarters contacted Chase to help identify the branch in which the counterfeit check was cashed. Investigation into the matter will continue. March 4

BURGLARY: A Colonial Road resident reported that his home had been burglarized. The complainant arrived at their residence to find the front door busted open by what appeared to be a kick. The master bedroom was found with dresser draws open and ransacked. A Mac laptop, jewelry and credit cards were removed from the room. March 4

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Rodney Road resident made a call-in complaint stating that the windows to her car had been smashed. An unknown person was reported to have thrown a beer bottle at the complainant’s vehicle. The bottle shattered the moon roof causing approximately $1200 in damage. Patrol searched the area but found negative results. March 6

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