Police Blotter



Larceny: Someone took $5,000 from someone else’s bank account without permission.  Nov. 30.

Larceny: $1,200 worth of stereo equipment was stolen from three cars parked overnight on Waverly Avenue. Nov. 30.

Pedestrian Accident: Bicyclist hit by a car on Melbourne Avenue. EMS arrived at the scene but cyclist refused medial attention. Nov. 29.

Arrest: 21-year-old male arrested for unlawful possession of marijuana.

Burglary: Two computers and two monitors worth $7,300 were stolen from a Fayette Avenue business over Thanksgiving weekend.

Larceny: Someone charged approximately $950 on a credit card after taking the card from a car parked on Rockland Avenue. Nov.27.

Arrest: Four 17-year-old youths were charged with possession of marijuana after police stopped the car they were in for a traffic violation. The driver was also charged with a DWI. Nov.27.

Criminal Mischief: A parked car’s window was shattered on Johnson Place. Nov.26.

Animal Complaint: Two dogs and two cats were reported left behind at a home for two days. The New Rochelle Humane society responded to the Mamaroneck Avenue location and retrieved the animals. Nov.23.



Larceny: Someone stole a purse, electronics and cash from a car parked overnight on Highland Road after smashing through the window. Nov.30.

Property Stolen: Someone stole a bike from the yard of a Dogwood Lane home. Another bike was stolen from the same yard in April. Nov.30.



Burglary: Someone stole a Motorola Cell Phone Droid worth $400 from a car parked at a residence on Howell Avenue. Nov.24.

Larceny: Someone stole a bike from the Hommocks Middle School. Nov.22.



Burglary: An Old Colony Drive resident reported that a burglar stole $3,500 worth of property after entering his home overnight. Nov.24.

Larceny: An Old Colony Drive resident reported that someone stole $6 from his vehicle, which was parked in his driveway. Nov.24

Larceny: Someone stole a woman’s purse while at a Larchmont Avenue restaurant. Nov.24.

Burglary: Someone entered a Spanish Cove Road residence overnight and stole $10. Nov.24.



Identity Theft and Fraud: Four cases of minor identity theft and fraud were reported between Nov.11 and Nov.28.

Criminal Mischief: A fence was damaged overnight on Springdale Road. Nov.26.

Larceny: A purse went missing at the Tennis Court Complex on Mamaroneck Road. The purse contained two gift cards worth $100, $160 in cash, a credit card and a driver’s license.  Nov.26.



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