Police Blotter


Crime of the week:  A Meadow Road, Scarsdale resident made a walk-in complaint that over the course of the last 30 years, several items had been stolen from her home. The woman brought a list of the items, including a three piece silver coffee set valued at $3000. Aug. 4






ABC LAW ARREST: A 17-year-old Mamaroneck Town resident was arrested after he was observed in possession of an alcoholic beverage on Lyons Place.  He was issued an appearance ticket and released to his parent. Aug. 1

LARCENY: A representative of a Boston Post Road firm reported that someone had fraudulently cashed a check in the amount in excess of $560 drawn against the business account. Aug. 2

LARCENY: A West Ave resident reported that someone accessed his credit card account, altered the user information and posted charges in excess of $700. Aug. 2


LARCENY: A man reported that his wallet was taken by an unknown female after he left it at a business on Palmer Avenue. The incident is still being investigated. Aug. 4

ARREST: A 32 year-old woman from the Bronx was arrested for DWI after being pulled over for a traffic stop violation on Halstead Avenue. Aug. 6

ARREST: A 22 year-old from Mamaroneck Village was charged with disorderly conduct after yelling obscenities in public and attempting to start a fight with another man. Aug. 6

ARREST: A 27 year-old Mamaroneck resident was arrested for assaulting a 31 year-old man. The victim was sent to sound shore hospital with a swollen lip after being hit in the face. Aug. 6

ARREST: A 25 year-old man from Harrison was charged with DWI after causing a car accident on West Boston Post Road. The passenger in the other vehicle was treated for minor injuries. Aug. 7

LARCENY: A Pine Knoll Lane resident made a walk-in report that his iPod was stolen from his car while parked on the street. Aug. 8

ARREST: A 20 year-old man from Mamaroneck Village was charged with possession of a stolen cell phone. Aug. 8


CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Wagon Wheel Road resident made a call-in complaint that someone had broken the window of her home after throwing a large rock, causing $250 in damages. The police are still unsure about the intent of the incident. Aug. 6


BURGLARY: A Peck Avenue resident made a call-in complaint that her house may have been broken into while she was away on vacation. The woman returned home with her family and found the door unlocked. She believed the door was tampered with. Police did a search of the house but did not find anything suspicious. The incident is still under investigation. Aug. 6


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