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Covering this week’s police blotters from Larchmont, the Mamaronecks, Rye and Scarsdale.





The Larchmont Police Department did not update this week’s blotter on their website, and does not make it available by any other means,


ARREST: A 30 year-old man from Ossining was arrested for DWI while driving on East Boston Post Road. July 27

ARREST: A 50 year-old man from Yonkers was arrested for DWI after being pulled over for a traffic violation on West Boston Post Road. July 29

ARREST: A 29 year-old man from Las Vegas, Nev., was arrested after robbing the Chase Bank on Mamaroneck Avenue. July 29 (see story)

ARREST: Two 43 year-old men were arrested for possession of marijuana after being pulled over driving on West Boston Post Road. July 30

ARREST: A 52 year-old woman from Mamaroneck Village was arrested for disorderly conduct after yelling obscenities in public. July 31


LARCENY: An Iselin Terrace resident made a call-in complaint that his BMX brand bike was stolen. The bike is worth $150. July 26

LARCENY: An Earlwoode Drive resident made a walk-in complaint that her purse containing several items, including an iPad, were stolen while eating at the Cosi Restaurant on Boston Post Road. July 26


ARREST: A 16 year-old boy from Port Chester was arrested for possession of illegal drugs and selling in public. An anonymous call was made that a boy was selling drugs in the CVS parking lot on Boston Post Road. July 29

LARCENY: A Brevoort Lane resident made a walk-in complaint that someone had stolen her laptop and Xbox game console from her home. There were no signs of forced entry and the only other people allowed in the house are her family members. July 29


ARREST: a 40 year-old man from Rye was arrested for driving without a license and a suspended registration while at Playland Park. The man had a warrant out for his arrest and was brought into custody by Westchester County Police. July 27

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