Police Blotter


This week’s blotters from Larchmont, the Mamaronecks, Rye and Scarsdale.







LARCENY: A Mamaroneck Village resident reported that his bicycle, valued at $750, was removed from the bicycle rack in Lot 3. July 17

BURGLARY: A Palmer Avenue resident reported that jewelry valued in excess of $1800 was removed from her residence during the previous three weeks. July 19


BURGLARY: An owner of a business on Fayette Avenue made a call-in complaint that his establishment was entered and computer equipment was taken. The stolen equipment cost a little over $5000. July 20

ARREST: An 18 year-old man from Mamaroneck Village was arrested for possession of marijuana while on Mamaroneck Avenue. Police spotted him while on routine patrol of the neighborhood. July 21

ASSAULT: A 35 year-old Mamaroneck Village man was hit in the face by an unknown person while on Prospect Avenue. He refused medical treatment to the face injury. The situation is still under investigation. July 24

ARREST: A 22 year-old man from Bronxville was charged for DWI after patrol pulled him over for a traffic stop violation. July 24

ARREST: A 42 year-old man from New Rochelle was arrested after for disorderly conduct and shouting obscenities in public. July 25


LARCENY: An employee at the CVS pharmacy on Boston Post Road made a call-in complaint that someone had stolen had $44 worth of pharmaceutical drugs. July 22

ARREST: A Pergus Falls, Minn., resident was arrested for marijuana possession. Patrol pulled the man over and found the marijuana after searching his car. July 24


BURGLARY: A Cottage Street resident made a call-in complaint that his house had been broken into and his laptop, iPod and bike were stolen. The basement door was found smashed, and appears to be how the suspect got into the house. July 20

LARCENY: A Rye Beach Avenue resident made a call-in report that several items valued at $1135 were stolen from her home. How the person gained access to the apartment is unknown. July 21

BURGLARY: A Grace Church Street resident made a call-in report that someone had entered her garage and smashed the driver’s side window of her car. There was no sign of forced entry into the garage and nothing appeared to be stolen. July 25


LARCENY: An employee of a business on Spencer Place reported that her Blackberry Curve had been stolen while she was at work. The cell phone was left on the counter near the register. During the time frame of the theft, the woman said there were four to five customers in the store. July 19

LARCENY: A Lebanon Road resident made a walk-in report that someone had stolen his cell phone and two power cords from his car. The man approached his car and noticed the door slightly open. He said he was unsure if he locked the door in the morning. There was no sign of forced entry. July 19

ARREST: A 35 year-old man from Brooklyn was arrested after being pulled over for driving in the wrong way down a one way street and driving with a suspended license. July 21

ARREST: A 61 year-old Scarsdale resident was arrested for DWI after ATX Monitoring notified the police that the man’s car was in an accident. Patrol arrived to the location to find the car backed into a tree on Meadow Road. July 22

ATTEMPTED LARCENY: A Morris Lane resident reported that her housekeeper had attempted to cash three checks in her name under her Bank of America account. The housekeeper confessed to the incident and was fired by her employer. At this time the woman is unsure if she wants to press charges against the housekeeper. July 22

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