Police Blotter


A High Street resident was arrested for possession of marijuana. Hmm.  This week’s police blotter from the Mamaronecks, Larchmont, Rye and Scarsdale.


The Larchmont Police Department did not update the blotter this week.


ARREST: A 20 year-old man from Mamaroneck Village was arrested on Mamaroneck Avenue for possession of marijuana and under aged drinking. June 22

ARREST: A 21 year-old man from the Town of Mamaroneck was arrested for marijuana possession after being pulled over for a traffic violation. June 23


BURGLARY: A Boston post road resident made a call-in complaint that someone had broken into his apartment and stole several items. The cost of the stolen items is worth about $2000, and was mostly various pieces of jewelry. June 23

ARREST: A 54 year-old man from Mamaroneck was arrested for stealing two cell phone memory cards from the T-Mobile store on Boston Post Road. June 27


ARREST: A High Street resident was arrested for possession of marijuana after being pulled over on Locust Avenue. The woman driving the car was pulled over for going through a stop sign. Patrol approached the car and smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana. The woman was found with three bags of marijuana following a pat down. June 22

LARCENY: A Cedar Place resident made a walk-in complaint that four gas cans were taken from the back of his truck. All the cans were full of fuel. June 22

LARCENY: Rye Town Park security reported that someone had stolen a Brewster resident’s shorts that were left in the bathroom. The man said his wallet was in the shorts. The wallet contained cash, his driver’s license and several other important documents. June 25


LARCENY: A Catherine Road resident made a call-in complaint that he lost his wallet while walking on Fenimore and Fox Meadow Road on June 21. The wallet contained $1100 in cash, his American Express and Visa Card. Charges totaling $5000 were made on his credit cards throughout various locations in the area. Scarsdale detectives will further investigate the matter. June 23

ARREST: A 28 year-old Bronx man was arrested for DWI and driving without a license after stopping at a checkpoint on Fenimore Road. Patrol smelled a strong odor of alcohol on the man’s breath. He also failed several of the sobriety tests given to him by patrol. June 24

LARCENY: A Chateaux Apartment resident made a call-in complaint that her $600 Fisher Mountain bike was stolen. The woman noticed her bike storage cage was broken into and the bike was missing. Only tenants and maintenance workers have access to this area of the apartment building. June 24

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