Police Blotter


A big haul at CVS.

This week’s police blotter from the Mamaronecks, Larchmont, Rye and Scarsdale.


CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Center Avenue resident reported that someone took a tall iron gate at the front of his home off its hinges causing undetermined damages. June 12

LARCENY: A Woodbine Avenue resident reported that someone successfully opened a credit card account in her name and posted charges in excess of $8000. June 12

LARCENY: A New Rochelle man reported that someone stole his electric powered moped, valued at $800, after he left it on North Avenue for a period of twenty minutes. June 13

ATTEMPTED LARCENY: Employees of the Chase Bank branch on Chatsworth Avenue reported that someone attempted to cash a fraudulent check for the amount of $4316. June 13


ARREST: Two men from Hempstead, N.Y., were arrested after attempting to steal several items from the CVS store on East Boston Post Road. The two men attempted to flee with about $1700 worth of merchandise, possibly from other stores as well. The two men were also charged with drug possession.  June 18

ARREST: A 66 year-old man from White Plains was arrested for DWI after hitting a parked car on Waverly Avenue. June 17

ARREST: Two men from Mamaroneck village were arrested for possession of marijuana. The 18 year-old offender was also charged for driving under the influence of marijuana. The 28 year-old offender was also found with prescription medication. June 17

ARREST: A 20 year-old Mount Vernon resident was arrested for marijuana possession on Madison Street. June 17

ARREST: A 52 year-old Connecticut resident was arrested for DWI after driving through a checkpoint on Mamaroneck Avenue. June 17

ARREST: A 23 year-old man from California was arrested for disorderly conduct after screaming profanities in public. June 17

ARREST: A 30 year-old man from New Rochelle was arrested for DWI after going through a checkpoint on Mamaroneck Avenue. June 18

ASSAULT: A 22 year-old woman from Mount Vernon was sent to sound shore hospital after being attacked by an unknown man on Mamaroneck Avenue. The woman suffered from minor neck injuries.0 June 18

ARREST: A 29 year-old man from Connecticut was arrested for DWI after driving through a checkpoint on Mamaroneck Avenue. June 18

LARCENY: A West Boston Post Road resident reported that their unlocked bike had been stolen. The bike is worth $400. June 20


LARCENY: A Forest Avenue resident made a call-in complaint that two mountain bikes were stolen from his home. The missing bikes are worth $500. June 15

LARCENY: A Fernwood Road resident made a walk-in complaint that her two IPods were stolen. The stolen IPods are worth about $700. June 17


LARCENY: A Rye police officer reported that his personal bag was taken from his patrol car while parked on Milton Road and Stuyvesant Avenue. The officer went to check on a noise complaint from the home and he left his car in the driveway. June 19


ARREST: A 31 year-old man from Mount Vernon was arrested after assaulting three people on the Route 40 Bee Line Bus. The man was caught by patrol fleeing the bus and running down the street. The man said that he suffers from a diagnosed case of paranoia and has not been taking his medication. The three victims suffer minor injuries. June 13

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