Police Blotter: 03.02.11










ACCIDENT HIT & RUN: A vehicle struck a pedestrian on Mamaroneck Avenue and fled the scene. The person struck by the car was a 36 year-old woman from Mount Vernon. She was reportedly taken to Sound Shore Hospital with back pains. Feb. 24

LARCENY: A Halstead Avenue resident reported that someone had attempted to use his debit card; they never succeeded. The bank was informed and investigation into the matter will continue. The card was immediately canceled to avoid any further tampering. Feb. 25

BURGLARY: A Washington Street resident reported that someone had entered their apartment building and took a pair of sneakers from the lobby.Feb. 25

DISPUTE: A 16 year-old boy was struck by an unknown party while walking on Boston Post Road. The boy suffered a minor contusion to the face. At this time he has  decided not to press charges. Feb. 26

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A West Boston Post Road resident reported that someone smashed the back window of their car. The suspect is unknown at this time and there were no witnesses.  Feb. 26

ARREST: A 33 year-old man was charged with public urination on Old White Plains Road. Feb. 26

ARREST: A 57 year-old man was charged with disorderly conduct. Patrol found the man to be intoxicated when they approached him. The man did in fact have alcohol in his possession. He was also charged with possession of an open container. Feb. 27

BURGLARY: A Fairway Gardens resident reported that someone had broken into their home during the last two weeks and  taken jewelry, value unknown.  Police have no suspects. Feb. 28



LARCENY: A Maple Hill Drive resident reported that his car had been vandalized. All four wheels and tire rims were taken from the vehicle while parked on the street. The estimated cost of the missing property is  $1000. There were no witnesses to the incident.  Feb. 25



ASSIST CITIZEN: A Garden Drive resident reported that someone had opened a checking account in his name. A debt collecting company contacted the man seeking the unpaid funds. The Enhanced Recovery LLC reported that the money was owed to Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo was informed of the situation. The case is under further investigation. Feb. 23.

LARCENY: a Forest Avenue resident reported that an unknown person had taken a Garmin GPS system from under the front seat of her car. Feb. 23

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Laurel Street resident reported that their Toyota Prius had been damaged over the course of the night. The side view mirror was smashed.  Feb. 25

ASSIST CITIZEN: A Holly Lane resident reported thatan unknown person tried to file a tax return and open lines of credit in his name. The situation is under further investigation at this time. Feb. 26



LARCENY: A Lee Road resident reported that his bike was stolen. The bike was valued at $1200. The man left his bike on a rack at Scarsdale train station.  Feb. 22

LARCENY: A Walworth Avenue resident made a walk-in complaint stating that someone had stolen the front license plates to her car. The complainant was provided a temporary license plate by dispatch and was advised to go to the DMV to get them replaced. Feb. 24

IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD: The Chase Bank manager on Palmer Avenue reported that a man tried to commit fraud. A man came into the bank with a withdrawal slip worth $3500 in the name of the account owner. The man presented the teller with a State of Texas drivers license. Upon examination the teller noticed the ID looked fake. The man was told to have a seat and wait for the teller to return. The manager looked to verify the account and found the ID was fake. The man had left the bank upon tellers return. The police are going to check the bank surveillance tape to identify the suspect. Feb. 24

CIVIL INCIDENT: A Brite Avenue resident made a complaint stating that his rights to enter his house were being violated. The man’s ex-wife was reportedly seeking legal help to not allow the man access to his home. The police stated they had no control over the situation and that the man has to take up the case with his attorney. Feb. 25

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A call in complaint was made stating that a vehicle had been damaged in the parking lot of East Parkway by an unknown person. The man left his vehicle and upon return found several scratches along the car and two tires slashed. Feb. 26

PROWLER: A Sycamore Road resident made a 911 call stating there was an unknown person trying to gain access to her home via the front door. She claimed the door was locked and she heard someone playing with the door to gain entry. Police inspected the door finding no signs of tampering. Feb. 27

IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD: A Ridgecrest West resident reported that she was a victim of identity theft. Suspects from Ohio attempted to withdraw funds from the woman’s Chase Bank account. The family has been victims of identity theft in the past. Last year someone made several purchases with the complainants Macy’s card account.  Feb. 27


The Village police department did not update this week’s blotter on their website, the only means by which reporters have access to complain reports.

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