Update: Plaza Bootery Closed, Future Unknown


Update: Customers were locked out of Plaza Bootery today, Saturday, and police were inside.  Police at Village headquarters said only, “the premises were secured until someone can take control of them.” Owner Lee Mendes was there, police said, “But he’s not there anymore.”

Sources at the District Attorneys office tell us Lee Mendes, Owner of Plaza Bootery (1910 Palmer Ave.) will be arraigned in Larchmont Village Court February 24 on one count of trademark counterfeiting in the 2nd degree, an E Felony.  E Felonies are usually associated with falsifying records,  punishable with 1-4 years in prison.

Police on Palmer Ave. in front of Plaza Bootery Jan. 18

You may recall our story about the Larchmont store, still in business, being raided last month by County officials after reports counterfeit Uggs boots and North Face clothing have been sold there over a period of time.

Officials are not connecting the enterprise to a larger scheme at this time.

2 thoughts on “Update: Plaza Bootery Closed, Future Unknown

  1. Good. I’m delighted they are gone. Maybe someone will open another yogurt shop! Or how about a bank!

    Not happy for Larchont. It does mean another unoccupied space, but my wife was treated so badly by the owner over a menial issue, I never stepped foot in that store again.

    I grew up in Larchmont, and that was the only place I went to by shoes. At the time, they were great. But the new owners were terrible people, treating may family as if we were on some high horse when were were only asking them to replace a defective $30 show.

    Shope at Roberts in Mamaroneck!

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