Mamaroneck Plant Disks Now on LI Beaches


Remember the “wagon wheel” white plastic discs all over local area beaches in early March? They washed out of the Mamaroneck sewage treatment plant after heavy rains.

Cleanup on LI Sound shore in Larchmont west of Manor Beach, March 8


A survey of newspapers and websites shows us exactly how far some of those little critters traveled…some as far as Riverhead, Long Island.

Small Plastic Disks Wash Up on North Shore Beaches‎ – Long Island Press

Small plastic disks washing ashore are not harmful, health ‎  – Riverhead LOCAL

Bailie Beach disks were from Westchester –  Suffolk Times

Tested disks free of E. coli- The Daily News of Newburyport, NH  (a similar problem, unrelated to Mamaroneck)

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