Plastic Bag Ban Vote ‘Carried’ Over



MAMARONECK — The proposed Mamaroneck Village Plastic Bag ban we told you about  fell short of going to a vote this week at the Village Board meeting.

Village Manager Richard Slingerland says, “We are still working on it — the law needs some revisions.”

He said he anticipates “it should be in final form” sometime in late May early June.

3 thoughts on “Plastic Bag Ban Vote ‘Carried’ Over

  1. This is an absolutely ridiculous idea. It is not the legitimate role of government to dictate to the people what kind of BAGS they should be able to obtain at a grocery store.

    Anyone who supports this should be voted out of office.

    • hmmm…the entire countries of india, australia , china, as well as several european nations have bag bans or taxes… looks like you have for work cut out for you !

    • By all means, use your vote. The multiple voters in my household will be going the other way. I’ve lived in other cities and countries that did not have plastic bags or where you have to buy a very cheap bag at the grocery if you don’t bring your own (which advocates for the poor in this country protest). Less trash, less to recycle, a better, more direct connection to consumption — seemingly small, but large in effect.

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