Pet Project: This Little Piggy



This little piggy went to Iona.

Police were called Sunday with a report of “a pig on North Avenue.”

The New Rochelle Humane Society responded, and found this pig in the backyard of a fraternity across the street from Iona College on North Avenue.



“A group of students claimed the pig ‘just wandered into their yard’ a few days prior”, says NRHS Shelter Director Dana Rocco. “They were feeding it Cheerios. At least it was the unsugared type.”

The students also just happened to have a crate the right size for him, and a name: Payton.

Payton is now hanging out at the NRHS Shelter, where we photographed him. The staff is in contact with Farm Sanctuary, which will find it a more appropriate home. We are told he’s a pot bellied pig. Aw.

Now I want him.



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One thought on “Pet Project: This Little Piggy

  1. New Rochelle Humane Society and Farm Sanctuary are both such great organizations!!. SO happy Payton ended up in the right hands : )

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