Pet Project: Greta




Greta’s owner, Tracy, writes: “This pretty girl is one of a litter of six coon hound siblings – all having names beginning with G – brought up on a West Virginia passport by the ever-diligent Larchmont Pet Rescue.

She hasn’t caught a coon yet, but she can chew through a door or shred an antique oriental rug faster than you can say “Leave it!!”

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4 thoughts on “Pet Project: Greta

  1. Hmm, not exactly the smartest comments to make if you are trying to get the dog adopted! Then again maybe tons of people need their doors chewed off and antique rugs trashed.

    • Hello? The Pet Project column alternates daily between our readers’ pets–dogs, cats, reptiles, birds– and animals needing homes at local shelters. Greta has a home. As we wrote, “Greta’s owner says….”

      • In defense of Angie, I knew beforehand that the premise of the feature was to alternate people’s pets with pets seeking people – but I had the same reaction to reading this. Perhaps there would be a better way to make the distinction clear.

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